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Product Photography by Expozme

Product Photography Pricing

Photography on White Background (Amazon Style)

Call us for customized package pricing
Most projects are delivered in 3 to 7 business days (depending on quantity) after we receive the product.
The following are included in all photography services:
-High resolution 2500 x 2500 pixel (before crop) jpeg image at 300 DPI
-Pure 255 white background (sRGB or Adobe RGB 255,255,255)
-Photo retouching to remove dust, scratches, and minor defects
-Products up to 48 inches longest side (35 lb)
-Glossy or high-shine metallic surfaces.
-No added charge for precious metal, precious stones, or jewelry.
-Product prep to include stuffing bags, cleaning smudges, and minor assembly.
-Instant online delivery and free image storage for 60 days.

Assortment of products photographed on white background for eCommerce, product photography on white background product photography pricing start at $39
Product Life Style and Flat Lay Photography

Additional Charges:
+ Graphic Production (system time) $35 per image
+ Group shot setup $35 per set per image
+ Photo Composition (does not include props) $35 per set per image
+ Alacarte Retouching fee $15
+ Transparent Background $3 per image
+ Clothing and Garments add $5 per photo
+ Watch Photography add $45 per photo to each price point above
+ Hand Model $100 (Live model)
+ Full Body Model $200 (Live Model)
** Special retouching price for day rate photo sessions only.

Product Photography at Your Location

If you have a project that will require us to set up studio at your location, let me know, we will accommodate.

Long Term Projects

Got a long-term project? Let’s map out a solid annual plan to keep you on track. Start by setting clear, big-picture goals and break them down into manageable steps. Think in quarters—set goals every three months and review your progress regularly.

Each month, outline specific tasks and adjust as needed. Don’t forget to budget your time and resources wisely. Use tools to track your progress and celebrate small wins to stay motivated.

Check in with yourself or your team regularly to see what’s working and tweak your plan if necessary. Get feedback from others to gain fresh perspectives and overcome challenges.

Stay committed, be flexible, and remember why you started. With a good plan, dedication, and a bit of flexibility, you’ll make steady progress toward your long-term goals. Let’s get started!



Questions About Our Product Photography Pricing?