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Jewelry Photography Studio

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Jewelry Photography Studio in Los Angeles

Jewelry Photography, Loose Diamond Photography and Video
Jewelry Photography​ While selling loose diamonds, watches, rings, pendants or other jewelry products online, buyers are much more likely to purchase from a seller with pristine images of their products. After optimizing lens and lighting configurations for each unique item, our studio has the know-how to bring out the best in every piece of jewelry that we photograph.

Photographing jewelry is distinctly different from other products
​Photographing jewelry products is not easy and not any photographer can do it right. If you’ve decided to spend the money on a photographer to photograph your jewelry products professionally make sure they are good at what they do and they have a portfolio to back up their claims. Also, a list of clients they worked for will help you decide if they are right for you or not.

Graph of Light and Drawing with light
Photography means “graph-of-light”. With this, drawing with light is paralleled to a fine art painter drawing with a brush. Drawing with light means using the right light modifiers for the job. For jewelry photography is is important to create a gradated lighting effect on the jewelry to give it depth and enhance the story about the jewelry item. After all, your investment in creating the masterpiece with diamonds and precious stones and the metals used could be in thousands, then thousands or hundreds of thousands, photography will literally make a difference in your success or failure in selling your jewelry product online or to your very special client in an email.

Loose Diamonds, Fancy Diamonds, Precious Stones
All stones photograph differently, some can be done in specially designed diamond photo booths while other (colored) stones may require and custom design lighting setup LED, Fiber Optics, or tiny mirrors to showcase details inside each stone.

Jewelry Photography Studio in Los Angeles

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