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Product Photography by Expozme

Flat Lay Pics by Expozme Photography

Flat lay  Pics

What is flat-lay pics?

Flat Lay Photography is a series of photographs taken from directly above, bird’s-eye view, looking down on products, clothing, or food. It gives a stylized view from a bird’s eye of what it is you are photographing and is a highly used genre of photography on social media platforms. A great way to show off products stylized in an expressive layout. Whether they are clothing items, jewelry products or plates of food from restaurants Flat Lay Professional Photography will enable you to tell your product and brand’s story in a fun and uniquely expressive way.

What subjects to photograph?

Your products and what you choose to photograph will inspire the feelings of the photos. If you are a restaurant owner and want a series of photos of your food products for your menu or a business owner selling products online you can focus on your products with professional photography flat lays.

What Flat lay Backgrounds to use?

It is important to use the right flat lay background. As a crucial part of your shot, you need it to match the mood you want to achieve. Anything for a background is fair game, a piece of wood, table top, a piece of vinyl or you can buy backgrounds that are specifically made for flat lay photos. You can find these ready-made backgrounds online or simply call us and we will handle the purchase for you for your photo shoot.

Flat lay Photography at your location?

We can travel to your location for a photo shoot. Location photo shoots are based on day rate fees which are explained in detail in our price list.

Flat Lay Pics by Expozme Photography