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Product Photography by Expozme
an image icon representing 360 product photography done by expozme photography studio

What is 360 Degree Product Photography?

360 degree product photography is a technique used to capture and present any product from multiple angles on a spin. It is commonly used in various platforms and industries, such as e-commerce, product pages, and social media, to provide customers with more information about the product and engage them. The process involves taking a series of single photographs at evenly spaced angles around the object, which are then combined into a single view to simulate a spinning object. It is also referred to as 360 photography, 360 spin, 3D photography, or spin photography.

360 Degree Product Photography for your eCommerce Store

A growing number of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Home Depot, Grangers, and Lows Hardware are using 360 photography technology to sell their products. Other industries using 360 photos include Automotive Parts, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electrical and Electronic Goods, Fashion, Footwear, Home Goods, Industrial Parts, Sporting Goods, eyewear, Jewelry and Luxury Goods, Museums, and Antique Auction houses.

In today’s fast-growing digital world, it is essential to invest in marketing strategies that attract and engage customers. 360 product photography is one of the best ways to inform and engage customers about your products. It allows customers to see your products from various angles, making them more comfortable with the information presented to them.

360-degree product photography helps generate more sales, attract more customers, and showcase products in engaging and informative presentations.

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